Blind of slechtziend?

Blind or visually impaired?

Kaboomlaser's tactile puzzles provide hours of puzzle fun!

Who doesn't like puzzles. From a crossword puzzle to a riddle and from a word search to a jigsaw puzzle. We do it in all kinds of forms. If you suddenly or gradually lose your sight, you probably think that puzzling is no longer an option. But nothing is less true. Because Kaboomlaser 's tactile puzzles provide hours of puzzle fun.

Every piece unique

When laying a Kaboomlaser puzzle, you don't just use your sight. It mainly appeals to your touch. This is because the puzzle pieces of our puzzles are all different in shape. Not one piece is the same! Thanks to our laser cutting machine it is possible to cut complex shapes from the wood. Our wooden jigsaw puzzles are designed with software that we developed ourselves. This software creates patterns in a way that is similar to how patterns arise in nature. This way you get wooden puzzles with beautiful organic shapes. Pieces that can look like a simple worm, but also pieces that look like coral or small mazes. The puzzle pieces of the Kaboomlaser puzzles are accurately lasered from birch wood and then neatly sanded and treated. As a result, they not only fit together well, but they also feel super nice. A party to feel!

Looking becomes feeling

When you are blind or visually impaired, the visual cells in the brain switch to cells that activate touch. Our brain is very flexible. When one sense does not work (anymore), the other senses are urged to perform better. For example, blind or partially sighted people compensate for their handicap by developing sharper hearing or better touch. They go from looking to feeling.

 Puzzles feel good

Games are a favorite pastime for young and old. But when you can't see or see poorly, that's quite a challenge. But it is certainly not impossible. A number of our regular customers prove this. They have a visual impairment or are completely blind and still enjoy our puzzles . And that feels good!

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