De moeilijkste puzzels

The hardest puzzles

Our most difficult puzzles at a glance.

You are a real puzzler and do not turn your hand for a puzzle of 500 pieces, or rather a puzzle of 1000 pieces. And actually you are looking for even more challenging puzzles: a puzzle with 2000 pieces or even more? But the number of pieces does not always determine how difficult a puzzle is. Our wooden puzzles are not printed. So you can't go looking for colors together. And some puzzles have pieces that you can't tell if they belong on the edge or not. Then you can start with the edge as strategy also forget! How do you place these wooden puzzles? You just have to look at the shapes of the pieces.  

Below is an overview of our most difficult puzzles. All puzzles from the Chaos series. This is a collection specially designed for puzzlers who like a challenge. And they are puzzles that remain fun! These are puzzles that you take out of the closet after a while to make again. The wood is of good quality and you can assume that the puzzle will last for many years or perhaps generations.  

The Starfish: The most difficult puzzle.


This wooden puzzle from the chaos series is our most difficult puzzle. According to one of our fans, it is as difficult as 2 puzzles of 2000 pieces. The separately formed pieces give you little to hold on to, it is not immediately clear whether a piece belongs on the edge or not. Assume that you will be working on this puzzle for a few weeks. But he is addictive to do! 

The Chaos Heart: A truly challenging puzzle.


Also a puzzle from the chaos series. But slightly easier than the starfish, even though it has the same number of pieces. With this puzzle the edge is clearer, so you can start with that. In terms of difficulty, approximately comparable to a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle. 

The Sea Turtle: a beautiful but tricky puzzle 


The Sea Turtle can be compared to a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Difficult, but doable. And of course it's just a beautiful puzzle.

The Oak: favorite from the Chaos series


The oak is a wonderful puzzle to get to know our Chaos series. Only 150 pieces, but because the edge is irregularly shaped, it is not always clear whether a piece belongs on the edge or not. Similar to a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle.   

The seahorse: good starter for the sea collection


The 150-piece seahorse is also a good puzzle to get to know the Chaos series. And of course wonderful to combine with the sea turtle and starfish!






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