Give something unique this holiday season!

People sometimes don't know what to buy someone for the holidays. People often go back to functional gifts, such as personal care products or perfume. But how nice is it to give something original as well as something functional?

Give a puzzle as a gift!

We think a really original and valuable gift to give (and receive) for the holidays is a puzzle! Doing puzzles is a very 'mindful' activity, where we focus on one task. This puts us in the 'alpha state', in which we are alert, yet relaxed. It ensures that we experience less stress and improves our mood. This way you will not only relax but also enjoy the holidays.

Unique and challenging shapes

Puzzles come in all shapes and sizes. Jigsaw puzzles are best known. These are often made of cardboard and consist of pieces that look very similar. Anything but original. That could be different, we thought as puzzle makers of Kaboomlaser. Our puzzles are not standard and therefore very original; a real surprise! The wooden jigsaw puzzles are made of beautiful sustainable birch wood. Thanks to our laser cutting machine it is possible to cut complex shapes from the wood. Shapes that cannot be made with, for example, a jigsaw. As a result, a wooden Kaboom laser puzzle with 200 pieces can be just as complex as a regular jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces.

A bag full of happiness

A gift is only a gift if it is beautifully and unrecognizably wrapped. Kaboomlaser jigsaw puzzles do not come in a standard cardboard box, but are packed in a small cotton bag. We wrap these with beautiful gift paper and also hang a wooden decoration on it. We call that a bag full of happiness. This way the gift is festively wrapped and ready to give. A Kaboomlaser puzzle is the gift for this holiday season!

bag of lucknicely packaged

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