The design of a wooden wall decoration

Designing a wall decoration

We would like to show you how our wall decoration is created. It is a process that we have developed ourselves and of which we are quite proud.

We prefer to start with a photo. Our dog Coco is a popular subject:


 When we find a suitable photo, we trace it into a silhouette in Adobe Illustrator:

After this the real work begins: with the Entropy software developed by us, the silhouette is filled with patterns. This is automatic, but certainly needs a guiding hand. With a large number of parameters we can change the style of the patterns. From bubbles to lines to complex weird twists.

The next step is wood production. The shape is cut precisely with our laser cutting machine.


 After this the wood is treated afterwards: if necessary sanded, the loose pieces are removed and the wood is rubbed with linseed oil

And this is the result: Wooden wall decoration with complex organic patterns. 


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