Iemand een hart onder de riem cadeau geven

Giving someone a heartfelt gift

Giving a heartfelt gift.

You recognize it: every now and then you want to cheer someone up: give a nice gift, send a little pick-me-up. Just to surprise the other person with something beautiful, something sweet, because you want to wish him or her well-being, strength or happiness. When someone is ill, a fruit basket or bouquet of flowers is often chosen. There's nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you're looking for something different. An original get well soon gift. A sustainable gift; something that lasts longer than a week. What do you give someone as a heartening gift?

Do you want to wish someone happiness? give a four-leaf clover as a gift!

Kaboomlaser has various puzzles that are suitable as a strength gift. Whether it is for someone who is ill, sitting for an exam or starting a new life. Everything is possible! Consider, for example, a four-leaf clover puzzle. What can you do more to encourage someone or wish them toi toi toi than with a four-leaf clover gift? This beautiful wooden puzzle of 46 pieces has original shapes, the wooden pieces fit comfortably in the hand and can be put together in about an hour. Puzzling provides some distraction and provides relaxation. The four-leaf clover is a feast for the eyes, so once the puzzle is finished, it can be left on the table so that the other person can look at it regularly, feel supported and can draw strength from it. A four-leaf clover is a nice gift to give someone a boost, to make them happy and is super nice to receive!

[[four-leaf clover puzzle]]

Do you want to wish someone love and warmth? Give a heart as a gift!

Maybe you don't think a four-leaf clover is appropriate as a strength gift and you are looking for something else. You can encourage someone by actually sending a heart. A very loving gift. Kaboomlaser has five different heart puzzles in different sizes. One heart puzzle can be completed in half an hour (Entropy heart - Medium), the other will take you days (Chaos heart of 300 pieces). Still other heart puzzles are in between. It's just what you're looking for.

[[broken-heart-m-wooden-puzzle-entropy-series]][[broken-heart-l-wooden-puzzle-entropy-series]] [ [broken-heart-xl-wooden-puzzle-entropy-series] ] [[broken-heart-wooden-puzzle-chaos-series-300-pieces]]

Heart with poem

We also have a heart puzzle in the Chaos series with a beautiful and sweet poem on it by city poet Merel Morre: I love you. Suppose you want to declare your love to someone in an original way. Then this heart puzzle is a very romantic gift for your loved one and especially to make together. Have a snack and a drink, light a candle, music in the background and watch the heart with poem emerge while the puzzle pieces fall into place. The romance shines through! A loving gift for a special person.    


Letterbox gift

If you want, we can send your gift directly to the person you want to surprise. We always wrap everything and make it a very nice gift. There are no additional costs involved. We can even include a card for you, with kind and possibly encouraging words. This makes it a very personal gift by post. A wonderful surprise for the unsuspecting recipient!

The puzzles that we can send as a letterbox gift are the four-leaf clover, the entropy heart M and the chaos heart with the poem by Merel Morre: I love you. This is very convenient because the recipient does not have to stay at home. The puzzles come in a beautiful linen bag with a wooden label, so they are wrapped as a gift and sent in a box that fits exactly through the letterbox. The recipient will find the gift on the mat or in the mailbox. Ideal!

The entropy heart L and XL and the chaos heart of 300 pieces are larger and unfortunately do not fit through the letterbox, but can be delivered to neighbors by DHL if the recipient is not at home.

How nice is it to give a heartfelt gift to your loved one, family, a friend? A sustainable gift to support someone or just like that, something sweet to make someone happy. A four-leaf clover or a heart, for whatever reason. Great to be so surprised!
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