Je zwangerschap aankondigen met een cadeau

Announce your pregnancy with a gift

Announce your pregnancy with a special puzzle

The time has come, you want to shout it from the rooftops: you are pregnant! So nice to tell the people around you. Of course you tell your partner first. How are you going to tell that you're pregnant and he's going to be a daddy? And your parents; How do you tell your parents that they are going to be grandparents? How will they react? Your brother or sister, friends and girlfriends. What is an original way to announce your pregnancy? A special moment calls for something special. What's more fun than announcing your pregnancy with a present? We have designed our baby puzzle especially for this occasion. A beautiful wooden puzzle that you can make together. Little by little the message becomes clearer. At which part does the quarter fall?

 baby | Wooden Puzzle 


Telling your partner that he is going to be a father

Most women find it difficult to keep it a secret from their partner that they are having a baby. You would like to share something like this with your sweetheart as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is such a special secret, which you might just want to enjoy quietly for yourself. If you can afford that, order our wooden puzzle of a baby and choose a good moment to give it to your partner as a gift. He has no idea which puzzle he is going to make. You make it cozy with a cup of coffee or a pot of tea and you start puzzling together. Give it about half an hour, you puzzle together and in the meantime you enjoy the anticipation; he should have known! Then it gradually becomes clear what the puzzle   represents... a baby? Yes, we are going to be mom and dad!    

How do you tell your parents that they are going to be grandparents?

Imagine: you invite your parents for coffee. You get something delicious at home, a cake or cake. You sit at the table, you make it cosy, you chat, enjoying the coffee and the goodies. They had to know what secret you carry with you, your pregnancy, a new life in your belly, what you will tell them in an original way. 

Soon you get out a present. "A present? Why?" Oh, just like that. You came across it on the internet and immediately thought of them. They open it. They see a very nice linen bag containing a wooden puzzle from Kaboomlaser. So beautifully made: the wooden puzzle pieces are beautifully cut, feel good in the hand and it smells wonderful. “Shall we do the puzzle?” you ask almost indifferently.

You can put this puzzle together in half an hour and once you start... you can't stop. What the puzzle should be, your parents ask. You have no idea, that's the fun, a surprise puzzle! You help them get started with the puzzle. When the first pieces have been placed, ask them if they would like another cup of coffee while they continue the puzzle. You pour the second cup of coffee and keep a close eye on them in the meantime. You should keep the news of your pregnancy to yourself for a while. Little by little, or better, piece by piece, they progress with the puzzle and the picture slowly becomes clear. Your parents look at it, at first they don't know what they are looking at and then... the penny drops! A baby? They look at you questioningly, you nod, it's really true! You're pregnant and they're going to be grandparents! Time for the tissues…

Original way to tell you're pregnant

Above we give an example of how you can tell your parents that you are pregnant in an original way. Of course you can do exactly the same with your brother or sister, a friend. The surprise about your pregnancy will be just as great. You say that you found a nice wooden puzzle on the internet, from Kaboomlaser. You show it and start laying enthusiastically.

You ask them to “help with the puzzle because it's fun!” Before you know it, you'll be doing puzzles together, while you think about your pregnancy and the surprise that is to come. You grab a snack and a drink. Be careful that you do not suddenly take apple juice while you otherwise always drink wine. Then you immediately fall through the basket, even before the puzzle pieces are on the table.

Every time there is a puzzle, you enjoy the anticipation again. It is an original way to announce your pregnancy. They don't see this coming! The looks of your family and friends when they see a baby's wooden puzzle and they realize what you really want to tell them, the moment they realize you're pregnant is unforgettable. 

Enjoy this special moment and your pregnancy!

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