Sinterklaas presents

The birthday of Sinterklaas is celebrated every year in many living rooms. In the weeks leading up to it, everyone is secretive: "You can't come in my room!" or, "I'm going to work in the shed and you can't disturb me." On December 5, the tension rises. 

A surprise is being finalized or a few more presents are added in the bag. One of them quickly cobbles together a poem, while the other is already loudly singing Sinterklaas songs. The gingerbread cookies and gingerbread dolls are ready on the table, next to the coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Tension rises, our hearts beat with anticipation…

The ideal Sinterklaas gift

Of course it is nice to be surprised during the Sinterklaas party. But it might be even more fun to surprise others on December 5. Preferably with an original gift, one from the category “Wow!” An ideal Sinterklaas gift! 

At Kaboomlaser we make sustainable products from wood with beautiful patterns, cut with our laser cutting machine. We make everything ourselves (design and production) so you will not find our products anywhere else in the world. No plastic junk but beautiful wooden accessories, puzzles and wall decorations, all of which go through our hands and are made with love. They are all unique and ideal Sinterklaas gifts, for man or woman. 

For example, think of our wooden glass coasters. We sell both round and square wooden coasters, beautifully carved in different patterns.


Our wooden mood lights with tea holder are also an ideal Sinterklaas present. Especially now that the weather is getting darker outside. We have eight different designs to choose from, with beautifully carved woodwork. When the tea light is lit, the cut-out patterns cast beautiful shadows on the wall or on the table. Even if the lamp is not lit, it is a beautiful wooden lamp for the table. Can also be combined with our wooden coasters; a nice set for the table and unique Sinterklaas gifts.


A sweet or romantic Sinterklaas gift 

Are you looking for a sweet Sinterklaas present for someone in particular? For your father or mother, your brother or sister, a very good friend? Or are you looking for a romantic Sinterklaas present for your sweetheart, and a tea light holder isn't enough? 

Then take a look at our wooden puzzles for adults. Beautiful, durable puzzles in the shape of a heart, available in different sizes. A special Sinterklaas present for someone you love and would like to surprise. How nice is it to give such a heart as a gift and possibly put the wooden puzzle together at a later time? The smallest heart (medium) can be laid in about three quarters of an hour. The large and extra large will take you about two hours and four hours respectively. If you want to make it more romantic, choose the heart puzzle “I love you”. This puzzle is engraved with a sweet poem by poet Merel Morre. Very romantic to make the puzzle together and to see the poem arise while puzzling. This puzzle also works very well for a father or mother, we can tell you ;-)


Original puzzles as a Sinterklaas gift

If you think "nice, wooden puzzles, but I'm not looking for romance in my Sinterklaas presents..." then know that we have a lot of wooden puzzles of all kinds of animals and shapes. The choice is huge and very nice to surprise others with on Sinterklaas evening. The puzzle pieces are different than you are used to and that makes it a unique Sinterklaas gift. The wooden pieces are comfortable in the hand, no loud colors, but pure nature and it also smells good. The Entropy puzzles with the fewest pieces can be completed in an hour, other puzzles will take you an entire evening. The Chaos puzzles are a bit more difficult and, depending on the number of pieces and puzzle experience, you can do it in a few evenings, a week or three weeks. They are sustainable puzzles, they last for generations. An original and ideal Sinterklaas gift for Christmas Eve. 


Wall decorations on Christmas Eve

Another unique Sinterklaas gift is a wooden wall decoration from Kaboomlaser. A beautiful, wooden work of art on the wall. Nice for the living room, kitchen, hallway or bedroom; our wooden wall decorations work well everywhere: in every room and in every interior. How nice to surprise someone on Christmas Eve with a wooden animal. The dog lovers can have fun: we have a lot of dogs in our range of wall decorations. Is the dog of your choice not listed? Don't hesitate to email us and ask. We can always look at the possibilities of turning the desired dog into a wall decoration. This way you have a special and unique Sinterklaas gift: super fun to give!


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