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These wooden wall decorations are designed with our Entropy software. The way the patterns are formed is similar to how some animals get their patterns in real life.

Hang your favorite dog breed above the couch, above the bed in the nursery or just on a piece of wall that needs some decoration. And of course very nice to give someone his or her favorite dog as a gift! 

Is your favorite dog breed not listed? Let us know! We regularly add new varieties.  

Do you want a unique wall decoration of your own dog? Look here.

Unique  Dogs  Wall decorations 

Dress up your interior with our collection of dog wall decorations. A wide variety of dog breeds, and we are regularly expanding our collection. With wall decorations made of wood you bring nature into your home, it radiates warmth and cosiness. Create an attractive bedroom, nursery or baby room, living room or kitchen. Moreover, a wooden wall decoration fits into any interior: modern, classic or industrial. Wooden decorations on the wall are timeless and can stay with you forever, even if you choose a different interior style. It remains beautiful and is therefore a sustainable product. An original gift: for someone else or for yourself. We design and make our dog wall decorations ourselves. We do this with attention and a sense of quality. A wooden wall decoration from Kaboomlaser is a unique work of art: our products are not a copy of the many geometric animals that you encounter here and there; our wooden decorations all have natural patterns. Patterns that don't get boring and that you always see something new in. Do you want to decorate a nice corner in the kitchen? Or maybe a wall somewhere else in the house? Think of a wooden wall decoration of your favorite dog. Or hang a series of wall decorations in the stairwell. And of course our wooden wall decorations are also great fun for a baby room or a children's room. If you are looking for a darker colored wall decoration that contrasts well against a light wall, you can opt for the hardwood variant. This wall decoration is made of hardwood and coated with linseed oil. This gives a warm, brown/red glow. If you prefer a slightly lighter colored wall decoration, you can opt for the variant made of poplar wood. This is also fun to paint yourself in your favorite color if you like DIY projects. The wooden wall decorations made of hardwood can also be hung outside. Make sure they hang dry. The poplar variant is for indoor use only. If you want to hang a wooden wall decoration in the bathroom, we recommend using the hardwood variant. This is more resistant to moisture. The wall decoration is easy to hang, they are lightweight and depending on the type of wall you can hang the wooden wall decoration on a few nails, or you can use double-sided tape such as Tesa power strips.

Wall decorations of dogs 

We have a wide range of wooden dog wall decorations. Whether it's a Chihuahua, a Dachshund, a Labradoodle, a Toller but also larger dogs such as a Great Dane or a Bouvier. And if your favorite dog is not listed, we can even make a custom wooden wall decoration.

Unique wooden decorations on your wall 

Our wall decorations are made with our own designed Entropy software. We use this to make beautifully organically shaped wall decorations, cut from hardwood or poplar wood with our laser cutting machine. This gives you a unique work of art because it is not the standard geometric wall decoration that you see everywhere these days. It's just that little bit different. The shapes of our wall decorations are rounder and therefore softer and warmer than the geometric wall decorations. Not available anywhere else, only at Kaboomlaser. We are proud of it!

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