Behoefte aan wat positiviteit.

In need of some positivity.

Do you have such an enormous need for some positive news? Just not bad messages, but make plans instead of canceling them, start something new instead of quitting.
In the spring we (Annette and Matthijs) had a lot of trouble with this. We both saw a lot of work and assignments disappear and so (just like the rest of the world) we spent a lot of time at home.

We walked a lot with the two of us and the dog and there were actually some nice ideas that lead to the establishment of Kaboomlaser. Our webshop is now a month and a half old and we have made a good start.

We still have many plans and ideas for new products, expansion of our portfolio and approach to the market. And we get energy from that.
We've done things that we had never done and that we never knew we could do. We learned a lot, things we didn't even know existed.

So our message for everyone these days is: use this time to make wild plans, to dream and to fantasize a little. And look for ways to realize them. Do not focus on the things that are no longer possible or allowed, but think about what new things you could do, something that you had never thought of or dared to think about.

That's the way it was with us and we wish everyone that experience. Stay positive and go for it! ❤️

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