Kaboomlaser - unique wooden puzzles

We currently no longer make wooden puzzles, but we may resume this on a small scale in the future.

You can still order the current stock below.

What happened to Kaboomlaser?

We stopped using Kaboomlaser in the summer of 2023.

For more than three years we have put our heart and soul into making Kaboomlaser a successful company. This has largely been successful: we have made thousands of customers happy, and we have sent thousands of puzzles, wall decorations and coasters throughout the Netherlands and even around the world. We made beautiful products and everyone was always very enthusiastic about them.

But the puzzle market dropped sharply from 2022 onwards, making it no longer possible to generate sufficient turnover to cover our fixed costs and to generate an income from it that is sufficient for a family with three growing children. We have tried everything, but at a certain point all the effort is gone and you have to make difficult decisions.

So we have resumed our other activities, Annette as a trainer / training actor for communication training and Matthijs as a system architect for LED lighting solutions. we are doing well. In addition to his technical work, Matthijs' passion is generative art, hence this new site.