Collection: Wooden Puzzles

Kaboomlaser has two series of wooden puzzles for adults: the Chaos and the Entropy puzzles. They are durable jigsaw puzzles with beautifully shaped, robust pieces without print. Our puzzles are all of our own design and are produced in the Netherlands. 

Natural material

All wooden puzzles for adults are made of natural birch wood without printing. So you have no reference to colors or images, only the shapes of the pieces give you an idea how everything can fit together. Sometimes the grain structure or a slight color difference can help you a little.

Organic shapes

The pieces from the Entropy series of jigsaw puzzles have organic shapes as you can see in the picture below. The shapes have very different dimensions, but the 'legs' are about 5-8 mm wide. The shapes are generated with the Entropy software we developed ourselves, which generates patterns in a way that is comparable to how patterns arise in nature. This software also makes the patterns for, among other things, the wall decoration.

Chaotic shapes

The puzzle pieces from our new Chaos series are finer in shape and all have a laser-cut pattern. These wooden jigsaw puzzles are designed with software developed by ourselves that works slightly differently and generates different patterns than the Entropy software. The Chaos collection is for the more experienced mature puzzlers.

How difficult are the wooden puzzles?

Don't be fooled by the small number of pieces! Because you have no reference to colors or a print, they are a lot more difficult than normal jigsaw puzzles. You can solve the simplest puzzles in half an hour to an hour, with the largest puzzles you can spend quite a few hours. The wooden puzzles from the Chaos series are even more difficult.


We regularly hear from our customers that they do the puzzles several times. So they remain fun to make, it doesn't get boring.