Verras iemand met een brievenbuscadeau

Surprise someone with a letterbox gift

Send a gift by post

Sometimes you want to send someone a present in the mail. For example, a get well gift, a nice present for a birthday, or maybe you want to send someone a thank you or you have a completely different reason. If you can't visit in person but want to send something, a letterbox gift is a good option. The recipient does not have to stay at home especially, so you can send it as a surprise.

A beautifully wrapped gift sent by post

At Kaboomlaser, we are completely geared up for that. We always pack everything nicely. Place your order and enter the recipient's address. If you want, we'll add a card with your message. And we don't charge anything extra for that.

A large number of our products are suitable as gifts through the letterbox. Then the recipient does not have to stay at home for it, and that is easy of course.

Sending a gift in the mail is a nice way to let people know you're thinking of them. Suddenly there is a beautifully wrapped gift in the letterbox. What a nice surprise!

How do you order a letterbox gift?

  1. Search our site for a suitable gift. See below for fun ideas. 
  2. When ordering, please specify the recipient's address as the delivery address. .  
  3. You can leave a comment for us when placing your order. For example: "It's a present. Please send a card with text: Congratulations! - Grandma " Then we know what to do
  4. Checkout your order.

One that's it! We provide beautiful gift packaging and include a handwritten card with your text. The recipient will normally receive the gift within a few working days. We do not include an invoice or packing slip with the order. 

What are nice gifts that fit through the letterbox?

If you want to wish someone a speedy recovery or good luck, you can think of a four-leaf clover or a heart puzzle, for example. These puzzles are not very difficult, but challenging enough that the recipient can take his or her mind with them for a while. The "I love you" heart is a very special and also slightly more difficult puzzle.


An atmospheric light   is always a nice letterbox gift. Our mood lights come complete with two tea lights, so the receiver only needs to assemble the mood light and light the tea light. Below are a few examples. But we have many more mood lights in the collection!


But we have many more suitable letterbox gifts!

Such as animal puzzles, glass coasters, many different mood lights.

See here for a complete overview of all our products that fit through the letterbox.

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