Een inspirerende werkomgeving

An inspiring working environment

Kaboomlaser is located in Geldrop, near Eindhoven. We are in an old, industrial building. One of the Netherlands' most successful designers, Piet Hein Eek, once started in this building. It is a nice, inspiring workplace. We have a lot of space and therefore don't get in each other's way. There is a lot of glass, making it easy to look into every room. The insulation of the building leaves something to be desired, making it very hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. Wearing thick sweaters, this time of year. And hard work helps too!

If you have ever ordered something from Kaboomlaser, you know that we wrap your order like a gift. There are no additional costs involved. Why are we doing this? Just because we like it! We want to surprise you, make you happy and do things slightly differently than regular web shops.
This is our packing table. We use beautiful, double-sided wrapping paper from @CollectivWarehouse. ( ) They make beautiful designs, highly recommended! One of the founders is Suzanne. She is a friend of ours and we have heard from the beginning how she started her webshop and saw the company grow into a successful company. So funny! The paper from CollectivWarehouse, add a wooden decorative flower from Kaboomlaser and you have a festively packaged package!

Immediately upon entering you see the showroom. It is a fairly dark space, but thanks to a few good spotlights it is very atmospheric. You can see our products on a long table. The puzzles are show models and therefore not completely cut through. This way, when we are at a market, we can easily pack the showroom and display it on a market stall. There are a number of wall decorations from Kaboomlaser hanging on the wall. Not all of them because there are too many. But it gives a good idea of ​​the product and the quality we deliver. Customers who live or are in the area regularly come to collect their orders from us. They usually enjoy taking a look at the showroom. Some are so enthusiastic that they decide on the spot to purchase even more. And we just enjoy seeing our fans live!

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