Houten puzzels als gezelschapsspel

Wooden puzzles as a board game

A board game is a fun activity to do with family and friends. A pleasant pastime, working together, often while enjoying a snack and a drink. Did you know that a wooden puzzle from Kaboomlaser is also ideal as a board game? We speak from experience and also hear this from our customers. Awesome! Our Entropy puzzles in particular can be used as a board game. These can easily be laid in one evening, especially if you lay them together with others. Nice to see how everyone sits at the table and experiences the puzzle. Once you start, you can't stop. “Do you see a piece with a foot like that?” “I'm looking for a hook…anyone?” “Yes, I have one!” Who is passionate about puzzling? Who is cutting corners? It doesn't matter. It's about fun!

Wooden puzzles as a family activity

Are you at home with the children? Leave the television off for the evening. No screens for a while. Turn on your favorite music. Everyone sit around the table and have a nice time. Don't feel like competing during a game? But do you want to do something fun together? Place a wooden puzzle from Kaboomlaser on the table. It is a great alternative as a board game; a fun family activity. Be surprised how well children can do puzzles. They look closely at the shapes and see it very quickly. How great is the satisfaction when you complete the job together and the puzzle is completed...

Which wooden puzzle as a board game?

The choice is huge at Kaboomlaser. From our entropy series they can all be done in one afternoon or evening. The more pieces, the longer it will take you. The 4-leaf clover and the turtle will be placed before the elephant or the car. It just depends on how much time you want to put into it. The puzzles from our chaos series are a bit more difficult and will probably not be possible in one afternoon or evening. If you still want to take up the challenge with the company... maybe the kingfisher! Will you send us a photo of a pleasant afternoon or evening with a Kaboomlaser puzzle as a board game? Have fun together!

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