Je productiviteit op het werk verhogen? Ga puzzelen!

Want to increase your productivity at work? Go puzzle!

You know it, a break-in moment at work…. Help the focus is gone! What now? Walking away from your computer screen or phone helps for a while, but doesn't give new energy for the rest of the day. You need something that provides new insights and helps you get through the day with focus. Try a Kaboomlaser puzzle and kickstart your working day!

Use it or lose it

Making a jigsaw puzzle seems simple, yet there are frustrating obstacles to overcome. Do you start with the edges or do you sort all the pieces first? When making a jigsaw puzzle, you use both hemispheres: the right side (the creative side) to recognize the picture or silhouette and the left side (the analytical side) to sort the shapes. When your brain hemispheres work together, connections are created between both hemispheres, but also between individual brain cells. These connections increase your ability to learn, understand and remember. When your brain hemispheres don't work together, the brain cells in those halves die. You better use it or lose it! Puzzling therefore ensures that you can critically analyze things from different angles and come up with new or creative solutions. Bring on those difficult issues and long meetings!

Boost your productivity

Jigsaw puzzles are also ideal if you want to be more productive. By doing a jigsaw puzzle, your brain resets, so to speak. For example, you forget the time and distracting thoughts disappear. Just like meditation, puzzles relax your mind and body, reduce stress, and can even lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Puzzling forces you to slow down, which helps you focus better. So it's not a bad idea at all to puzzle for 10 minutes during a short break at work instead of getting another cup of coffee. Boost your productivity and invite your colleagues to join you. Because in addition to being effective, it creates a group feeling and it is also a lot of fun!

Come to new insights

Our sustainable birch wood jigsaw puzzles are organic and dynamic. This makes laying them a lot more challenging than with regular puzzles. But at the same time it offers more opportunities to find creative solutions. You have to think a little further to put the puzzle pieces in the right place. By looking, feeling and trying, you come to new insights. And it is precisely that aspect of puzzling that helps you to have a different view of problems. A nice and fun workout for your brain. And another additional advantage of a jigsaw puzzle is that it is finite: it has a beginning, a middle and an end. When you put down the last puzzle piece and it fits, it gives satisfaction. This way you can get back to work focused!

These are suitable puzzles that you can put together in one or two hours.

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