Over onze houten puzzels voor volwassenen

About our wooden puzzles for adults

We make beautiful wooden puzzles. Not a puzzler? Here's some more on why you might want to give it a try...

With a wooden puzzle for adults you can forget everything around you for a while. Relax with an activity that requires good use of your brain.

What makes our wooden puzzles for adults so special?

Our wooden jigsaw puzzles are designed with software that we have developed ourselves. This software creates patterns in a way that is comparable to how patterns arise in nature. This way you get wooden puzzles with beautifully organically shaped pieces. Pieces that can look like a simple worm, but also pieces that look like coral, or some mythical animal.

Houten Entropy puzzel

Because our jigsaw puzzles are made of natural birch wood without printing, there are no colors or lines to help you find the pieces. You make our wooden puzzles by matching the complex shaped pieces. This makes these wooden jigsaw puzzles for adults a lot harder than normal jigsaw puzzles with the same number of pieces.

A 100 piece animal puzzle from our Entropy Puzzle series can be just as difficult as a normal 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle or more. But you can still complete most Entropy puzzles in an evening or afternoon. You can complete our simplest jigsaw puzzles in an hour.

Our Chaos puzzles are a lot more difficult. These are jigsaw puzzles for experienced puzzlers who enjoy working on the same puzzle for several evenings or weeks.

Our wooden puzzles are all of high quality. We produce everything ourselves and every jigsaw puzzle is checked. We think it's important that puzzlers have great fun with our wooden puzzles

The benefits of our jigsaw puzzles for adults

Because our jigsaw puzzles are made of wood, the pieces lie comfortably in the hand. You don't make our wooden puzzles once and never make them again. Most customers take the wooden puzzle out of the closet after a few weeks or months to make it again. They are puzzles that continue to surprise you. They are also solid puzzles that will last for years, perhaps generations.

Because the puzzles from the Entropy series can be made in a few hours, these wooden puzzles are also particularly suitable for making in a group. Doing puzzles together is a fun activity where you all have to use your brain well.

Relax with a wooden jigsaw puzzle for adults

Because you are concentrated with your eyes, your brain and your hands with our wooden puzzles, you forget everything for a while. You stare at the pieces on the table while your fingers mindlessly trace the contours of the piece in your hand. And then suddenly you see the wooden piece that contains that one weird twist that you saw elsewhere. There is no more doubt, you take the piece and put it in its place. A sense of satisfaction flows through you. For a moment the world no longer exists, only the puzzle and you.


Extraordinary puzzles for adults: a large choice

We make a big

Houten dierenpuzzel

variety of wooden puzzles in all shapes and sizes. We have a whole collection of wooden animal puzzles. For example an elephant puzzle, a bear puzzle, a rabbit puzzle. Our penguin puzzle is also very popular, and our Fox puzzle is also a lot of fun to make. A cat puzzle is our most popular animal puzzle.

In addition to animal puzzles for adults, we also have a collection of differently shaped puzzles. How about an oak puzzle: a beautiful wooden puzzle in the shape of an oak, where the pieces strongly resemble oak leaves.

houten puzzel voor volwassenen

Our heart puzzles are also special. A wooden puzzle in the shape of a heart is a very nice gift to give to someone you love. We have a number of different wooden puzzles for adults in the shape of a heart. Ranging from a very simple to a heart puzzle from our Chaos Series with 300 pieces. The latter is for the real experienced puzzlers.

We also have a very special Brain puzzle. This brain wooden puzzle really looks like the brain. 

How difficult is a wooden puzzle?

Let's start with the obvious: these are puzzles for adults, not small children.

Our wooden puzzles for adults are unprinted. Some puzzles from the Chaos series have an engraved front, but with all puzzles from the Entropy series, the front is indistinguishable from the back. That means double the fun. What is above or below?  

Our puzzles are therefore difficult, but perhaps easier than you initially think. Let's start by distinguishing between the two puzzle styles:

The wooden Entropy Puzzles.

These puzzles have organically shaped pieces with long lines and complex shapes. The wooden puzzles generally have fewer pieces than the wooden puzzles from our Chaos Series. Most jigsaw puzzles from the Entropy series can be completed in a few hours. You start by putting together the most appealing pieces. You will see that you have found the first pieces together quite quickly. Concentrate on looking at and remembering the different shapes. It is a different way of puzzling than you are used to; for our Entropy puzzles you will use your brain in a different way.

The Wooden Chaos Puzzles

Houten Chaos Puzzel

These are complex puzzles, especially suitable for the real go-getters. These puzzles have smaller, intricately shaped pieces. The Chaos puzzles also have more pieces than the puzzles from the Entropy series. The wooden puzzles for adults from the Chaos collection require a lot of time and patience. But the end result definitely gives you a sense of accomplishment and victory. And it always tastes like more….



So stop reading and check out our collection of puzzles!


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