Sustainable Business Gifts

It is very nice to receive a business gift. It's thoughtful, it makes you feel seen and appreciated. A beautiful or nice business gift can even motivate you to work hard (again) in your work.

It's even more fun to give away business gifts. Surprise your staff and customers with original promotional gifts.

Sustainable promotional gifts!

Many companies like to show that they consider sustainability important. It shows that the company is aware of environmental problems and is doing its best to work towards a green future. Do you give sustainable business gifts? Then you show the outside world that you are committed to a better environment. This not only gives a good feeling, it is also greatly appreciated! You may pay a little more for it, but it is a good quality product. Much better than the cheap plastic items that end up in the trash after a few days. You score points with sustainable promotional gifts: for your company and the environment!

What are sustainable business gifts?

Sustainable promotional gifts are made from sustainable and natural materials and are often produced in an environmentally friendly way to put as little burden on the earth as possible. Preferably produced locally so that as little transport as possible is required.

At Kaboomlaser, sustainability is of paramount importance. What do we do about it? We have listed it for you:

  • The wood we use for our products comes from managed production forests in Northern Europe. New trees are planted where trees have been cut down.
  • Our packaging material is made from unbleached, organically grown cotton.
  • Kaboom laser uses little energy for production and the air we emit is clean because we have invested in an industrial wet scrubber; a machine that uses water to remove smoke from the air.
  • Furthermore, we produce everything ourselves, in the Netherlands. So no imports with containers on large ships from the east that use liters of fuel oil.
  • In addition, Kaboomlaser products have a long lifespan. We deliver quality. Our puzzles, for example, are much sturdier than the cardboard puzzles you see everywhere. They can last for generations.

So are you looking for sustainable business gifts? You've come to the right place at Kaboomlaser!

Original promotional gifts made to measure

In addition to sustainable business gifts, you also want to surprise your relations. So look for your original promotional gifts. Which promotional gift is somewhat useful? What business gift do you not often see? What puts a smile on the face? In short: which promotional gift is original? At Kaboomlaser we like to think along with you.

Personalize promotional gifts

Kaboomlaser can personalize a promotional gift by, for example, working with your company's logo and incorporating it into wooden glass coasters . This way you quickly have an original promotional gift!

We can also engrave the name of the company on our wooden products, for example in our wooden tea light holders . Beautiful mood lights make a good business gift and with the company name engraved, it is a lasting memory.

We do advise our customers to keep the engraved small. The recipient of the promotional gift should not get the feeling that they have received a piece of promotional material, and that quickly happens if the company name is prominently displayed on the product. It is better to give a nice gift with the company name subtly mentioned on it.

We also make custom wooden puzzles . For example, in the past we have made various original promotional gifts: wooden puzzles from a bottle for a liquor store, wooden puzzles from cars for a vintage car association, brain puzzles for the Brain Foundation, etc. We can also place the company logo and/or logo on the puzzles in a corner. engrave the company name. A real surprise, a super fun, original and personal business gift and Christmas gift for your work relations and staff, especially during the winter months!

Promotional items

Maybe you're wondering why you should personalize your promotional gift? For the simple reason that you kill two birds with one stone. You have received an original gift, related to your company and you are advertising your company. As mentioned above: it is a lasting memory. Who knows what it could lead to if a working relationship occasionally sees the name or logo of your company. Moreover, it can help you further in your network. Family, friends, colleagues from your work relationship who get their hands on the product, for example.

So combining business gifts with promotional items is not such a bad idea.

Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Contact us; we are happy to think along with you!

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