Wat is duurzaam?

What is sustainable?

Sustainability is a top priority at Kaboomlaser. We do our best to provide sustainable products. But what exactly is sustainable? Below is our vision on sustainability.

What is sustainable?

Sustainability is actually a very broad concept. But the bottom line is that your activities or products burden the earth as little as possible. Reducing the burden on the environment as little as possible and consuming as few raw materials as possible are a number of good starting points for this.

What are sustainable products?

The durability of a product is determined by everything needed to produce the product, get it to the customer, and the life of the product

  • The product is produced in a way that burdens the environment as little as possible: little energy consumption and no emission of harmful substances.
  • For production, raw materials are used that are not scarce and that burden the environment as little as possible. Preferably, the raw materials are renewable.
  • The product is not intended for single use, the product can be used for a long time and several times.
  • The product is transported in an efficient and energy-efficient way

    What do we do about sustainability at Kaboomlaser?

    Let's relate the above list to the puzzles of Kaboomlaser.


    We produce our wooden puzzles with laser cutting machines. Such a machine has a power of about 1000W. That's a little more than a vacuum cleaner and about half of what a kettle consumes. This makes them extremely efficient for production machines.

    Smoke is released during laser cutting. At Kaboomlaser we have invested in an industrial wet scrubber, which is a large machine that uses water to remove the smoke from the air. The air we emit is therefore very clean. We also have no waste in the form of plastic air filters with this machine.

    Raw materials

    Our puzzles are made of birch wood. This wood is produced in managed production forests in northern Europe. New trees are planted where trees have been felled. The bags in which our puzzles are packed are made from unbleached, organically grown cotton.


    Because wooden puzzles last much longer than cardboard puzzles, they are much more durable to use. You can enjoy a puzzle for years, lend it out or pass it on to friends. They are also puzzles that are fun to put together more often. That is of course also important; a product that you enjoy several times is more durable than a product that you only use once.


    We produce in the Netherlands. And we think this is an important one. A large part of the goods that we consume in the Netherlands are produced in the Far East. Every year 8.5 million containers arrive in Rotterdam, more than 20,000 containers every day. All transported by large ships that can consume almost 300,000 liters of fuel oil per day.

    Can it get any better?

    We regularly ask ourselves this question: Can alternative materials be found? Can we reduce energy consumption a bit? Can we use the wood more efficiently so that we have less waste? Can we make transport more sustainable? And with some regularity we see that something can indeed be better. And we are taking another small step to improve the sustainability of our products.

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