Designing a wooden wall decoration

We are happy to show you how we design a wooden wall decoration of a dog. it is a process that we have developed ourselves and of which we are quite proud.

The subject for the wall decoration

We prefer to start with a photo. Our dog Coco is a beloved subject. Because we need a silhouette for the wall decoration, it is important that you have a photo in which the silhouette is easily recognizable. It's not really clear in this photo.


Onze hond Coco


This photo is already a lot better. We are going to make a beautiful wooden decoration of this!

Onze hond Coco

Convert to silhouette

When we have found a suitable photo, we transfer it into a silhouette in Adobe Illustrator: You see, this one is still recognizable.

Getekend silhouet


Making an organic pattern

After this, the real work begins: with the Entropy software we developed ourselves, the silhouette is filled with patterns. This software simulates natural processes and grows patterns so that you can design a wall decoration with beautiful organic patterns.

Although this is automatic, it certainly needs a guiding hand. A large number of parameters allow us to change the style of the patterns. From bubbles to lines to complex weird twists.

Cutting the wall decoration in wood

The next step is production in wood. The shape is precisely cut out with our laser cutting machine. For the larger sizes of wall decoration, we prefer to work with poplar wood. It is flat and does not warp easily. In addition, it is lightweight, which makes it easy to hang larger wall decorations. For smaller wall decorations made of wood, we use Okoume, which is a type of hardwood from Africa. This type of wood is also widely used in construction. 


After-treatment of the wall decoration

After laser cutting, the wall decoration is treated by hand. The loose, cut pieces are removed and the wood is sanded if necessary. The hardwood variant is rubbed with linseed oil. This makes it suitable for outdoor use and gives the wood a beautiful reddish brown color.

The finished product

And this is the result: Wooden wall decoration with complex organic patterns. 

To illustrate, below is a video of patterns with some other values. Sometimes the patterns seem to be living organisms growing. Still a fascinating process to watch!


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