Frequently Asked Questions

How are your products made?

We make our products with a laser cutting machine. This machine accurately moves the light from a large CO2 laser over the wood. The laser beam is so hot that it burns right through the wood. As a result, the sides are always darker or colored black. When just produced, products can sometimes smell a little smoky. That smell will disappear in a few days.

Which materials do you use and what is the difference?

With our laser cutting machine we can cut different types of wood. We currently use the following types:

Poplar plywood: A very light type of wood, both in color and weight. It has very subtle grain structures. Clogs are made from poplar wood. The plywood is made up of several layers. The layers in the edges are clearly visible and always darker due to the laser cutting. The wood is quite soft, making it less suitable for use as coasters for example.

Hardwood plywood:  A somewhat darker wood that is also heavier and stiffer than poplar. This wood is waterproof glued, which means that it can withstand a splash of water better. The layers in the edges are easily visible and colors always dark to black due to laser cutting. The wood is hard, which makes it suitable for use as coasters. A treatment with linseed oil makes the texture and color of the wood stand out beautifully. 

Bamboo plywood:  Bamboo is actually a type of grass. It grows very fast and is sustainable. Bamboo is used in more and more places, you can even make clothing from it. Actually, it is our favorite material. However, it is more expensive than the other materials and more difficult to laser cut, which is why the prices of our bamboo products are a lot higher.  

Why do you treat some products with linseed oil?

Linseed oil is made by pressing the seeds of the oil flax plant. It is therefore a natural product. If you rub wood with it, it partially absorbs into the wood and provides a protective layer on the wood so that the wood is protected against moisture and against drying out. We use boiled linseed oil, rub it on the wood with a cloth and then let it dry. The linseed oil also ensures that the colors and structure of the wood are enhanced, making the products even more beautiful. Boiled linseed oil is simply for sale at the hardware store so that you can touch up products yourself if they show some wear.


In the photo above you can see the effect of linseed oil on hardwood plywood: the dark colored pieces have been treated with it. That's worth it, right? 

Why do you say "handmade" when the products are made with a laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting is only part of the process. When we take the products out of the machine, the real manual work really starts: all loose parts have to be removed from the product, which is sometimes a lot of fiddling. Products are then checked for faults, burn marks and, if necessary, lightly sanded. The products are then smeared with linseed oil on both sides with a cloth. All in all, we are very busy with this. 

How do I maintain the products?

Poplar plywood products do not require maintenance. Please note that the shapes are sometimes very delicate and, for example, you do dust carefully.

You can touch up products treated with linseed oil yourself with boiled linseed oil from the hardware store. Just put a little on a (non-fluffy) cloth and rub in lightly. Make sure that you rub everything out well and that no puddle of linseed oil remains on the wood, because it can stick. 

Can I get a product with my own text cut out?

Hell yes! Although it all depends on what you want exactly. Keep in mind that there are additional costs for creating the design. A coaster can suddenly become twice as expensive. On the other hand, you do have a unique and personal design product. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Can I also order larger series as a promotional gift or Christmas package?

Hell yes! For larger series we can also create custom designs with a company logo or name for example. N.Contact us for the possibilities.

How do you design those separate shapes?

The products from the Entropy collection are designed with a mathematical model that describes how two different substances mix and react with each other. We have written software that we use to create our designs using this technique. 

The shapes are not made all at once, they grow! By changing a number of parameters, you can achieve all kinds of different shapes. The process itself remains fascinating to watch, see for yourself below! (Unfortunately this movie does not work on Apple devices).