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City Blocks Candle Lantern

City Blocks Candle Lantern

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  • Made with love and attention in the Netherlands
  • Returns are of course allowed (although that hardly happens... 😀)
  • Shipped within 5 working days

This beautiful mood light from the Geomerty collection is fascinating to see. The clean lines and repetitive patterns create beautiful shadow patterns. Together with the warm color of the wood, this creates a cozy atmosphere.

The dimensions are 10 x 10 x 11 cm. The mood light is made of sturdy hardwood plywood. It has been treated with linseed oil to bring out the color and texture of the wood.

You will receive a tea light glass. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to the aluminum cups and can be used endlessly. To make the party complete, we also send two ecological tea lights. 

The product will be shipped as a letterbox package. You do not have to stay at home for it. It is easy to assemble. 

Like all our products, these are designed and produced by ourselves in the Netherlands.

This is a wooden product and therefore flammable. There is a recess where a tea light exactly falls so that it can burn safely. So make sure that the tea light is properly in the middle and falls in the recess. Make sure that the mood light is upright, be careful when lighting it and do not let children play with it. 



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