Our wooden children's puzzles are original and perhaps different from the puzzles that children are used to making. The focus is on the shapes of the puzzle pieces and not on the colors. This stimulates eye-hand coordination, as well as fine motor skills. With our puzzles, children learn to focus in a fun way and the satisfaction is great once the puzzle has been completed! The wooden puzzle pieces are sturdy and fit comfortably in the hand.

These puzzles are suitable for children aged 8 and over.

What makes puzzles so educational for children?

Puzzling is very good for a child's development. Children learn to do puzzles from a very young age. That starts with putting large puzzle pieces in the right place. For example, consider a children's puzzle with shapes such as a triangle, a square or a circle. By looking carefully, the toddlers know where which puzzle piece belongs. When children get older, they move on to jigsaw puzzles. Again, look carefully at the shapes, try to put puzzle pieces together, remember which piece fits or doesn't. In this way, fine motor skills are trained in a playful manner. Something that they can benefit from later, for example in writing.

There is another important reason why puzzles are good for children. A good jigsaw puzzle can help children make significant mental growth. How? When creating a jigsaw puzzle, children have a clear goal in mind: completing the puzzle. Sometimes that is quite a job. It requires patience, concentration and perseverance from a child. The satisfaction and self-confidence when the puzzle is completed is worth a lot!

Unique children's puzzles

We at Kaboomlaser go one step further. Our children's puzzles are not the standard jigsaw puzzles for children. We are a bit stubborn, like many children, and like to do things differently. The shapes of our jigsaw puzzles for children are different from standard jigsaw puzzles for children. This asks the children to look at the puzzle differently. What shape do you need? A “foot”? A “leg”? Or a “bend”?

Kaboomlaser children's puzzles have an average of 40 pieces per puzzle. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. You can compare this with a standard jigsaw puzzle for children of 100 pieces. The challenge we offer with our wooden children's puzzles is great, but don't underestimate the children. They often see it faster than an adult!

Doing puzzles with the family

Puzzling is fun for young and old. This makes making a jigsaw puzzle a very fun family activity. If you don't feel like playing a board game with your family, but still want to do something fun together, grab a children's puzzle from Kaboomlaser. Guaranteed puzzle fun with your family! Where does this shape fit? Who sees the right puzzle piece? We have various children's puzzles of animals and other shapes such as a heart or a cool, friendly skull ;-)

Challenging puzzles for children

Imagine that these children's puzzles are a hit with your child and you suspect that your son or daughter can handle more, then do not hesitate to look at our wooden puzzles for adults for more of a challenge. The difficulty level for each puzzle is stated in the form of a number of stars (from one to five stars; the children's puzzles have one star). Our advice is to initially stick to the Entropy puzzles. The Chaos puzzles are for more advanced puzzlers (14 years and older).